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PdfDodo can extract data from any PDF and allows you to download them as CSV or Excel format!

  • Bank statements
  • Financial statements
  • Invoices & Receipts
  • Utility Bills
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Spend less time on data-entry


Using custom OCR and machine learning algorithms thats been trained on 100s of thousands of documents, this gives accuracy on average around 99%.


Your data is securely protected with AES encryption. Additionally uploads will be protected over SSL.

AI driven

The machine learning models are trained on hundreds of thousands of PDF documents to accurately extract data.

Works with all document types

PdfDodo uses AI and custom OCR algorithms to extract the data in PDFs. This ranges from text PDFs to image based PDFs from scans or faxes.

Will work on both typed and handwritten documents.

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Bank statements

100s of major banks and credit card statements worldwide supported.

Invoices + Receipts

Accurate extraction of invoices and receipt data from 1000s of businesses.

Scanned PDFs

Works on both scanned and handwritten PDFs.

Password protected PDFs

Just provide the app access to your PDF and it can extract all the data.

Simple pricing

Use it for FREE or cancel anytime on the paid plans.

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  • 25 pages per month
  • 5 MB limit per PDF



$200 billed yearly
  • 300 pages per month
  • 15 MB limit per PDF
  • Same day support
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$590 billed yearly
  • 1000 pages per month
  • 15 MB limit per PDF
  • Same day support
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$99 $82.5/mo

$990 billed yearly
  • 3000 pages per month
  • No upload limits
  • Priority support
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