PdfDodo - extract data from any PDF with 99% accuracy!

Aug 1, 2023 | Read time 1 minutes

Hey there, welcome to PdfDodo – the app that can convert any financial or bank statement PDF into Excel or CSV!

It was created out of the frustration of a few of my accounting friends how still need to convert bank and and financial statements manually. This task could take hours if you are dumped with dozens of scanned documents!

There are other tools online or downloadable software, but I have found them lacking. I try to make this with a focus simplicity, accurate and ultimately saves you time as a business owner.

Additionally, we understand how critical the security of your financial data is. That’s why we have robust security measures, like strong encryption and automatic deletion of your uploaded files after a few hours. You can rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands.

About the Creator

My name is Ken Ito and I have 10+ years in software engineering and data analysis.

The app came out of frustration for a problem I would of thought was fixed yonks ago.

I have worked with large Government departments, Banks and small startups.

In my free time I enjoy walks and playing tennis.

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