Pdfdodo API reference

PdfDodo is a service/app that allows you to extract data from a PDF file. This can be any type of PDF file - ranging from bank statements, financial projections, invoices, receipts, etc. If the PDF file contains a table - Pdfdodo can extract it!

The PdfDodo API is organized around REST. The API requests and responses are encoded in JSON.


PdfDodo uses a API keys to allow you to access the API. You can get your API key by going to the “Settings” section.

After retrieving your API key, you can pass the token to the API in the HTTP Authorization Header using X-API-KEY.

X-API-KEY: <apikey>

🎓 Quick Start

If you want to get up and running quickly, follow the quick start guide.

Error Codes

Status Code Description Most Likely Cause
2XX Successful Request
400 Bad Request Invalid/missing data
401 Unauthorized Invalid/missing credentials
404 Not Found The resource does not exist, ex. invalid/non-existent user id
409 Conflict Trying to overwrite a resource, ex. when creating a user with an email that already exists
429 Too Many Requests Hit an API rate limit
50X server error We made some mistake. Contact us